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Stationer Extraordinaire x Black Pencil Project

Posted on February 10 2017

man in middle: mon corpuz black pencil project head


There is always joy in receiving the package you ordered from an online retailer. The moment you see it, you can’t stop yourself from opening the package and using the item. On our part, the retailer, the joy comes from learning someone appreciates our taste in products, carefully packing the items and getting our products and services complemented on social media or getting a personal message from satisfied customers. We (customers and Stationer Extraordinaire) are truly fortunate to experience such joy and excitement. But what if it’s not just us who enjoy when a package arrives? Wouldn’t it be nice to be happy and make others happy too?

Inclusivity is one of our core values. We believe that to make a better environment, everyone should be given a fair chance in life to be productive. I’m talking of children who can’t afford to have writing tools for school - pencil. Sadly, they do not have a chance to practice and learn how to write or draw. Writing and drawing, being 2 of the most important human life skills allow us to convey our ideas and communicate with others. Without these abilities, the success of the individual and society is in jeopardy.

To help improve the situation, we, at Stationer Extraordinaire have collaborated with THE BLACK PENCIL PROJECT, a foundation that gives writing materials to less fortunate kids. Every time someone buys a fountain pen, a pencil will be given to the foundation for them to distribute in different remote areas of the country. Let us help in building a better Philippine society.

Now, it is truly a joy to receive when you know you have given.

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