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Hobo, Traveler's Notebook for 2018 & Ivy Lee

Posted on January 29 2018

For 2 years, I have been on the Traveler’s Notebook system. Inside the wonderful leather cover are TN’s yearly, Yumi’s  weekly and Yumi’s blank. All of which are fountain pen friendly. These 3 systems have helped me plan and organize my life. As a result, I was able achieve many things like losing 30 pounds, having enough family time and getting new deals to name a few.

This year, 2018, I’m adding a new member to my time management system family, the Hobonichi. At first I was hesitant because I was a die hard TN user, but 2 or more journals are better than 1 =) 

I did some reshuffling of their job description. I took out all the calendars of the Midori and completely turned it into my journal for my different lives: personal, business and consulting job. This way, it will be easier for me to go back to my ideas, thoughts and plans. It will also be easier for me to track the progess.

The Hobonich is now my full time agenda for my schedule and tasks. I like it mainly because of its size, then the paper and those quotes below. 

I am glad that people are not starting to discuss which is better between the two. I hope it doesn't happen. So, go make things happen this 2018 with TN and hobo. Let's start conquering the day.

Oh, if you are curious as to what time management system I TRY (TRY) to use, it is the Ivy Lee system. Read it here.


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