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Kaweco Collection: IRIDESCENT PEARL

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Kaweco Sport Iridescent Pearl

 The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl – a fountain pen with a truly unique color. Depending on the viewer's angle of vision and the incident light, the writing instrument shines in a unique shimmering color scheme. Imitating the color of a pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shows different colors ranging from green-bluish to pink. The pen has silvered- colored foil stamping, logo, and nib which gives it a cool look..

The packaging of the fountain pen is suitably designed with iridescent foil. Its look is patterned on the streaks of color pigments seen in the pen's body, giving it a unique look. 

You can choose between five nib sizes from extra fine (EF) to extra broad (BB). If you’re not sure which size you want or need, we recommend the nib size M. All nibs and the entire fountain pen are made in Germany. It comes with one Royal Blue standard ink cartridge.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range for one year only.

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