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Benu Euphoria Collection: Love Story (luminous)

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BENU celebrates life with a collection of pens devoted to different sources of simple, hedonistic pleasures, such as favorite music, a beautiful scene, an exquisite cocktail, or a delicacy. Each pen is inspired by different things that bring us joy and add a great deal of color to our everyday lives.

Three models from Euphoria collection have a hypnotizing glow-in the dark feature. Ocean Breeze, Love Story, and Scent of Irises glow beautifully, exhibiting various colors in the dark. The effect is created by blending the resin with luminescent material that is completely free of radiation and any potential hazards. Color and duration of glowing vary depending on the model of the pen, exposure time to light, and the intensity of the light source. 

Material: Acrylic

Special characteristics: glow in the dark

Clip material: stainless steel

Length: 14.9 cm/ 5.86 inches

Weight: 26g.

Cap: scew-on, can be posted

Fountain pen refill: international standard or converters

Fountain pen nib: stainless steel Schmidt nib, size#6

Available nib width: fine, medium, broad

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